OUTLINE of the collision separation method
Difference in specific gravity between air and drains
Our new concept called the collision separation method is based on the difference in specific gravity between air (gas) and drains (liquidsand solids), including water, oil, and dust.
By using centrifugal force to make the drains collide with partitions, this system employs a dramatic new technology to offer a moisture elimination rate of 99.99% (nearly 100%).
Does not use any moving parts or filters
Since the system doesn't need or use any external elements, such as filters, drying agents, power, or heat source, and since it has no moving parts, it does not require any maintenance and there are no running costs.
Compact, lightweight, and high performance
There is no deterioration in performance that can be caused by flow rate variations such as saturation or clogging in a filter.
This means the system will always maintain its initial performance level. In addition to being compact, lightweight, and offering high performance, it is also very economical.
You can see the actual efficiency in removing moisture on the "Performance introduction" page on this web site.