Movie - Moisture Removal Test Using WELL AIR
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The lubricator just before the inlet of the WELL AIR adds moisture to the air.

To make it easy to see results, water mixed with blue-ink is poured into the lubricator. Then we test whether the WELL AIR can remove this water, or not.

This unit is used to conduct tests of the water-removal performance of WELL AIR units. From the left, you will see: a compressed air inlet, a lubricator, an air gun (A), and then the WELL AIR (in front of the lady), and then another air gun (B).

This is air gun (A), located between the lubricator and the WELL AIR. That is, in the compressed air line before the WELL AIR.

As you can see, air which has not passed through the WELL AIR will spray lots of ink. This means that moisture and drains are contained in air.

This is air gun (B), located at the outlet of the WELL AIR.

When we trigger air gun (B), it does not spray any moisture or ink, just air. While pulling the trigger, the ink-water level in the lubricator drops, meaning that the WELL AIR is eliminating the drain.

The results clearly show the moisture removal efficiency of the WELL AIR. The drain, ink, and moisture are discharged from the auto drain at the bottom of the WELL AIR.
To see how this works in action, you can watch a CD-ROM video about the WELL AIR,
or see an actual demonstration of the machine.
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