The illustration below shows the new concept used in the WELL AIR: a revolutionary air.
Water separation of compressed air water remover.
< The WELL AIR permanently removes the water at the end of the system >
Revolutionary idea: Supply clean air continuously using a special collision separation system!


Most of the problems with pneumatic devices are caused by water droplets forming inside air lines. The air/moisture separation method separates this liquid from the air.

The WELL AIR is a new concept in compressed air water removers that separate and eliminate water. It is installed at the end of the air supply line. Since the performance of the separator does not deteriorate over time, it does not require any maintenance and it is easy to use.
Conventional water elimination methods
Conventional water removing methods use both a dryer and a filter, and they work as follows: A refrigeration type dryer is installed near the compressor, in order to cool the air (thus removing the moisture). An air filter and regulator are installed on an air line after the water drain outlet, to remove impurities.
Disadvantage of conventional methods
Conventional methods have the following disadvantages:
a. A long pipe between the dryer and the pneumatic device at the end of the airline will allow water droplets to form inside the pipe due to temperature variations and other causes.
b. Over time, the performance of a filter may deteriorate.
c. Maintenance tasks, such as replacing filters, are a nuisance.

Reason this product was developed
Our company was created to maintain air compressors and sell air dryers and filters. However, we received lots of claims from users who have had lots of problems with their pneumatic devices, which caused them to produce faulty products due to water drops in the air.
Why we developed WELL AIR by ourselves
Faced with the claims mentioned above, we decided to develop a high-performance compressed air water remover that would not need filters and drying agents.
The WELL AIR doesn't use any special elements such as filters and drying agents, nor does it require power, heat, or freon. Therefore, its performance will not deteriorate. It is a dramatically small and lightweight compressed air water remover using a new collision separation method that allows maintenance-free operation.

Measures to restrict the formation of water droplets near the compressor cannot effectively eliminate water condensing inside pipes. The most effective way to eliminate water is just before the air enters a pneumatic device (at the end of the system).

Our products separate air and moisture, work at the end of the air delivery system, don't cause any loss of performance, and do not require any maintenance. These features will improve performance and reduce your costs.