Representative Suki Kamata, Chairperson & C.E.O.
Takahiro Kamata, C.E.O.
Date established March 3, 1974
Headquarters 1-25, 1-Chome, Sanchiku, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, 812-0887, JAPAN KAMATATECNAS CO.,LTD
Phone +81-92-571-2398 MAP
Fax +81-92-571-2781
Management philosophy * Be faithful
* Work for mutual benefit (coexistence and co-prosperity)
* Create harmony between technology and nature
Features KAMATATECNAS is researching and developing themes related to water and air. We started business by servicing and maintaining air compressors. Through sales of pneumatic equipment, we developed the WELL AIR compressed air water remover, which we are manufacturing and selling.
Capital 10 million yen
Number of employees 6
Number of development engineers 3
Main product WELL AIR compressed air water remover
Company history May 1974 Established "KAMATA Compressor."
Approved as an authorized service shop for Meiji Machinery MFG., Co. Ltd.
May 1996 Registered "KAMATA Compressor" as a limited company.
Aug. 1996 Approved by the "Medium and small enterprise creative activity promotion act."
Nov. 1996 Exhibited at the Venture Plaza 96 exhibition.
July 1997 Received a subsidy from the medium and small enterprise creative activity promotion budget in Fukuoka Pref.
Oct. 1997 Awarded semi grand prix at the "Antler Presentation Forum," sponsored by Recruit Co., Ltd.
Nov. 1997 Changed company name to "KAMATATECHNOS."
July 1998 Obtained a patent for the WELL AIR compressed air water remover.
Apr. 1999 Registered as a stock company.
May 2001 Issued company bonds with the help of support financing for growing new businesses, which is sponsored by the Japan Finance Corporation for Small Business.
Sep 2004 Established Kamata Tecnas Inc in U.S.A.
May 2007 Established Kamata Tec Malaysia Sdn.