Use Applications
Where can the WELL AIR be used?
On every type of equipment or device that uses compressed air.
What does the WELL AIR do?
It removes the moisture in air lines.
What kind of equipment is the WELL AIR used with?
It is used in a wide variety of applications including production facilities, processing facilities, and with medical equipment.
Moisture Removal
What is method used by the WELL AIR?
It uses a new moisture separation concept to remove the moisture at the end point of use. It does not limit humidity at a central control point.
How does it remove moisture from the air?
It uses a unique collision separation system that we developed.
How does the collision separation system separates moisture from the air?
It uses a proprietary method that combines collision separation and centrifugal force to take advantage of differences in specific gravity.
Is it patented?
Yes, we have obtained a patent in Japan, and patents are pending in other countries.
We are controlling the dew point. Will the WELL AIR be effective in our system?
If your system completely prevents all dew from forming and removes all moisture, the WELL AIR is not necessary.
Although we control the dew point, some moisture still forms.
Install the WELL AIR just before each working device and you can remove any moisture that has built up.
Although we are using a moisture-removing device, some water is still present. Why?
Dew will form in any long pipe between a compressor dryer and an end device.
Can we supply dry air just by using our current water removing device?
It depends on your conditions. However, please check whether or not water is actually being generated.
What is the pressure drop from the WELL AIR?
The pressure drop caused by the WELL AIR is 0 to 0.5 kgf/cm2, and there is no variation over time.
I want a pressure drop in my system that is less than 0.5 kgf/cm2.
Choose a model with a capacity one size larger.
Is 100% of the water eliminated?
The WELL AIR does not output any water. However, water may condense in long pipes after the WELL AIR.
Can the WELL AIR eliminate humidity?
The WELL AIR separates and removes drains (water droplets, oil, and dirt) by separating moisture from air. It does not dehumidify.
Can the WELL AIR remove dust?
Although the WELL AIR is not designed to remove dust, it can remove dust that is 5µ or larger in size.
Can the WELL AIR remove oil?
Although the WELL AIR is not designed specifically to remove oil, it can remove liquid oil.
Does the performance deteriorate over time?
The WELL AIR does not need any replacement parts and there is no deterioration in its performance.
What material is used to make the WELL AIR?
The body of the WELL AIR is die-cast aluminum.
What models of WELL AIR are available?
You can choose from four series: WA-150, WA-400, WA-1200, and WA-2500; depending on the flow rate of clean air that you need.
Is it OK to install a single WELL AIR in the compressor room?
No. You should install one WELL AIR for each piece of equipment.
Where should the WELL AIR be installed?
Install the WELL AIR just before each end unit, not in a compressor room.
Why does the WELL AIR get installed just before each piece of equipment?
Because water which forms in the air lines between the WELL AIR and the equipment cannot be removed.
What kinds of lines can be set up after the WELL AIR?
The shortest possible lines will minimize the occurrence of water droplets.
Can I install the WELL AIR horizontally?
Installing the WELL AIR horizontally will probably affect its performance badly. Make sure to install it vertically.
Is it possible for water droplets to form in a pipe after the WELL AIR?
It may be possible due to differences in temperature between the atmosphere and inside the pipe. Installing thermal insulation on a pipe is effective in preventing the formation of water droplets.
Are specialized installation brackets available?
Yes. Installation brackets are available as an option.
Maintenance And Checks
How much maintenance is needed by the WELL AIR after it installed?
There is no need for maintenance. The WELL AIR has no running costs and needs no handling after it is installed.
Is there a filter that should be replaced?
No, there is no filter and no parts need to be replaced.
What is the service life of the WELL AIR?
It is approximately 3 years since we started to supply WELL AIR products and there has never been a report or claim about problems due to deterioration in performance.
Can the WELL AIR be repaired if it is faulty?
Although the WELL AIR can be repaired, there is nothing to break due to its construction.
What happens if the WELL AIR I buy is faulty?
If the WELL AIR is faulty early on (within one year), we will replace it with a new one free of charge.
Sales Results
How many units have you sold so far?
Approximately 53,000 units have been sold so far (as of July 2007).
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